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Stacey LaCottiDec 4, 2023 3:10:35 PM< 1 min read

MIPS 2022 Performance Preview Period Ends December 12th

MIPS clinicians who submitted QPP reporting data in 2022 have until December 12, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET to preview their performance information before it appears on the Medicare Care Compare profile pages and in the Provider Data Catalog. The secure preview can be accessed through the QPP website. Clinicians will need their login to view their preview.

CMS is required to report MIPS eligible clinicians’ final scores, performances under each MIPS performance category, names of eligible clinicians in Advanced APMs and the names and performance of such Advanced APMs, if applicable. Performance information is displayed using measure-level star ratings, percent performance scores, and checkmarks.

Medicare patients and caregivers can use the Care Compare website to search for and compare doctors, clinicians, and groups who are enrolled in Medicare. Publicly reporting 2021 QPP performance information helps empower patients to select and access the right care from the right provider.

For more information, visit the Care Compare Initiative page from CMS.


Stacey LaCotti

Stacey LaCotti has worked in healthcare for over 22 years. Her prior experience in Provider Education for both a large Medicare payer and the Veteran’s Administration provides a unique perspective on ever-changing healthcare policies, with a specialized focus on quality reporting. Stacey uses her knowledge of Alpha II’s coding, claims editing, quality reporting, and revenue cycle solutions to design, educate, and further improve the customer experience.