Easy Coder

Easy Coder is an industry-changing coding and compliance solution that delivers revenue integrity and increased financial outcomes. Designed as a standalone solution, Easy Coder powers essential reimbursement efforts and supplies efficiency and accuracy into your everyday medical coding workflow so you can eliminate denials before they happen.
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The CodeWizard content database and rules engine is unique, with strengths and features that are unmatched in the healthcare IT industry. And, because our team of software, healthcare, and IT experts are continually making updates and improvements, CodeWizard's database and rules engine is always current and increasingly robust.
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Alpha II ClaimStaker is the most comprehensive clinical claim and encounter scrubbing solution for the entire continuum of care. It incorporates a full suite of edits for professional and institutional claims to improve accuracy based upon a foundation of thousands of coding and billing requirements. It enables your healthcare providers to improve claim validity and accuracy, deliver positive cash flow, maximize reimbursement, and save valuable staff time through denial prevention. ClaimStaker does more than clear claims, it gets claims paid.
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The Alpha II Registry is a secure, integrated, web-based solution with enhanced reporting on ALL MIPS performance categories for ALL practices and ALL specialties. The easy-to-use Alpha II Registry provides the technology and support needed to achieve maximum MIPS reimbursement. Our Registry solution was specifically developed to provide actionable real-time feedback to empower clinicians to proactively earn their hard-earned, value-based revenue.
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The Alpha II ANSIllary software development toolkit (SDK) assists developers in the manipulation of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12N transactions. The ANSIllary SDK parses ANSI files and validates that the files correctly adhere to the corresponding ANSI X12N format.
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Our People

With Alpha II, you have a complete team of healthcare experts including clinicians, certified coders, software engineers, EDI specialists, medical managers, and reimbursement subject matter experts. We consider our people to be an integral part and direct extension of our partners and clients coding, billing, and reimbursement teams.

Our Process

At Alpha II, we understand that one of the constants in healthcare reimbursement is change. To ensure that our partners and clients remain ahead of the consistent changes, we propose to rethink everything about our processes and best practices. This focus drives ongoing excellence into our solutions, workflow options, integration flexibility, partner adaptability, and translates to mutual success for our client partners and Alpha II.

Our Technology

Alpha II delivers a SaaS-based, content-rich software platform that was specifically designed to integrate into various clinical and financial workflows. Our technologically astute development allows for active/active load balancing between our two data centers to ensure up-time and scalability. This enables consistent software updates without any interruption to our partners and clients.

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