Alpha II thrives on the great relationships we have with our diverse mix of influencers, resellers and providers – helping healthcare professionals and institutions nationwide maintain compliance and achieve accurate reimbursement. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us:



  • John Beck
  • Vice President
  • Business Solutions Portfolio

"Alpha II is great to partner with. Their approach to allowing us to preserve our user interface and our workflows while using their edits, their rules and their richness behind the scenes is absolutely perfect. It is a superb differentiator and an amazing asset for us, and it is a part of a demonstration that we use to get deals done all the time."

Dr. Beky Bizzle

Dr. Becky Bizzle

  • Becky Bizzle
  • Optometrist

“The Easy Coder is a very organized and simplified way to figure out the proper codes for filing insurance. It is the easiest coding book I have ever used; especially with the new ICD-10 codes. I highly recommend it!”


Canopy Partners

  • Debbie Hodges
  • Director of Revenue Cycle Management

“The standard process of submitting claims for reporting just doesn’t work for all customers so we evaluated other options to make the process as effective and efficient as possible. Alpha II’s Registry was the perfect tool for us to implement, and we’re looking forward to measuring results after the 2015 reporting period.”



  • Lee Barrett
  • Executive Director

“With their newly acquired accreditation, Alpha II is raising awareness about the quality of its products and services as well as compliance with industry standards – a major accomplishment in today’s healthcare environment.”



  • Zach Blunt
  • Product Analyst

"We have had a partnership with Alpha II for over six years. They have been great to work with in an industry that demands the utmost agility. As reimbursement in healthcare becomes more complex, having a partner that brings value to our customers cannot be overstated."



  • Tim McMullen, JD, CAE
  • Executive Director

“Alpha II brings decades of health IT expertise to our association. With the company’s extensive background on a number of high-priority healthcare issues, Alpha II will provide tremendous value to HATA’s membership base. We look forward to partnering with them to share our combined knowledge and resources so HATA members can continue to be at the forefront of healthcare IT and the ever-mounting challenges that surround the revenue cycle.”

iPatient Care

iPatient Care

  • Vipul Patel
  • Senior Technology Officer

“Integrating Claimstaker has provided considerable value to the iPatient Care system. We’re able to submit clean claims which drastically reduces the time and cost required that is usually spent dealing with denials. The cloud-based service makes it easy to integrate into any HR or Practice Management system.”



  • Chris Paclibar
  • Sales Account Manager

"We are in the midst of unprecedented transformation in healthcare – from transitioning guidelines and emerging regulations to staff turnover and care model changes within the practice. Alpha II’s ClaimStaker product helps my customers mitigate billing challenges by filling in knowledge gaps and staying in front of those rule changes."

Practice Insight

Practice Insight, LLC

  • Susan Titterington
  • Director of Customer Service and Product Management

"Practice Insight truly values its ten-year partnership with Alpha II! From the quality of their sales, training and technical support, to the feature-rich services of Alpha II’s products – it quickly became clear that no other solution could be a better fit. It has been amazing working with Alpha II and I look forward to extending this partnership for many years to come!."



  • Larry Fetterhoff
  • Vice President

"We’ve been working with Alpha II for about 7 or 8 years now. Our customers on our practice management system have loved having their two solutions – CodeWizard and ClaimStaker. Alpha II went out of their way to help us with the seamless integration. lt has been a great relationship."

Ulrich Medical Concepts

Ulrich Medical Concepts

  • Sandra Ulrich
  • President

"Integration of the Alpha II Code Wizard into our EHR/PM software Team Chart Concept has been instrumental in our clients achieving an average of 96 to 98 percent clean claims ratio. Our relationship spans over eight years of continued innovation by Alpha II to meet the needs of the medical billing community"

White Plume

White Plume

  • Matthew Menedez
  • Vice President, Sales and Marketing

“For 15 years, White Plume has relied on Alpha II’s software development kits to deliver cutting-edge code search and medical necessity guidance for our provider customers. Alpha II’s Code Wizard is integrated seamlessly with AccellaCAPTURE™ and AccellaSMART™ and helps us deliver trust for our customers time and time again – and that’s very important to us.”