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MEGAS and Unicor Medical Merge to Form Unified Alpha II Company

Alpha II's software platforms and publications support coding, compliance, claims editing and revenue analysis for more than 80,000 healthcare professionals, clearinghouses and government entities - both directly and through software developers. Beginning with the initial input of patient data through the final scrutiny of the payer's remittance advice, Alpha II empowers precision across the revenue cycle. The company's toolsets, data content and rules engines currently plug and play with more than 30 developer partners' electronic health record, practice management and hospital information systems to help their customers comply with the latest policies, standards and directives.

Alpha II started as a collaboration between MEGAS, a leader in healthcare software development, EDI transactions, and systems integration and Unicor Medical, a leading coding software developer and publisher of ICD coding material. The Alpha II team is comprised of nurses, physicians, registered health information administrators, software engineers, EDI specialists, certified coders, compliance consultants, medical managers, and business consultants.

For over 30 years our experienced healthcare professionals have worked together to gather, analyze, and interpret healthcare coding and billing rules and regulations. This continuing effort has produced the industry's most comprehensive content database and rules engine available—well over 1,000,000 man-hours in the making and continually under development.

Because of this, we are perfectly positioned to help large- and small-scale healthcare providers nationwide maintain compliance and achieve accurate reimbursement—no small feat in today's healthcare environment with its complex regulatory pressures and cost containment measures. We currently serve over 80,000 providers, helping them produce clean claims and maintain up-to-date data content (such as CPT® and ICD-9 codes, CCI code pairs, medical necessity policies, and fee schedules).

We serve physician practices and hospital providers directly, but more commonly, through working with their software vendors. More than 30 developer partners rely on Alpha II's software solutions to enhance their EMR, practice management, and other healthcare information systems. Many of our customers choose solutions they can install and use right away; but for our developer partners, we provide consultations to help identify and develop their ideal workflow and implementation strategies.

Alpha II's solutions are comprehensive, flexible, and continually updated to remain current with changing healthcare requirements. We're ready to talk about the best way our solutions can work for your organization. Contact us today for more information.

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